about IAN


I'm an architecturally trained entrepreneurially seasoned producer that excels in studio, account and project manager roles. My passion resides in seeing creative ideas come to life on time and on budget within the built environment or digital landscape. My strengths lie in the ability to balance the left and right side of the brain on a creative endeavor while managing a studio or team along with the client relationship. I easily transition from being in front of clients, reporting to company leadership and intimately developing junior level team members. I find great satisfaction in helping refine systematic processes for maximum efficiency with the ever-changing range of technological tools available at our disposal. 


My career arch has taken me from studying in Ohio, to designing in San Francisco, to starting and growing a production agency post economic crash in New York, to starting anew in Portland managing a design studio. As for extracurriculars, I have spoken at national conferences, marketing organizations, film festivals and design schools while also teaching courses at Pratt Institute and the University of Minnesota. I'm looking forward to my next significant career step working with passionate, innovative and creative professionals.


Please feel free to get in touch below or follow me on your preferred social platform. I’m always looking to hear other’s amazing personal stories and the work that drives them!



  • Producer - up to a dozen concurrent productions
  • Business Management - BIS implementation and upkeep
  • Resource Planning - ERP implementation & management for 65 staff
  • Client/Account Services - top level brands and high profile private clients
  • Project Management - scope, budgeting, production and delivery
  • Concept Development - pitches, storyboarding & scripting
  • Proposals - writing, graphics & presentations
  • Business Development - strategic networking
  • SOW - scope development & contracts
  • Budgeting - development, tracking, KPIs & ASRs
  • Video Production - directing, shooting, interviewing, lighting, etc.
  • Marketing Management - email campaigns, social, etc.
  • Public Speaking - design, marketing & film conferences & events
  • Teaching - college level professor
  • Volunteerism - creative, marketing & filmmaking orgs