about IAN


Over the past ten year’s I helped found and build a production agency called Arbuckle Industries. I originally studied and practiced architecture, and continue to be heavily involved in the profession, but have taken my passion into the realm of environmental storytelling. My role at Arbuckle grew from a run and gun documentarian with our first film, Archiculture that has to date over 750,000 views, into a multi-tasking Business Director, Project Manager and Producer able to meet a broad range of client services and project typologies. I’ve led all of Arbuckle business development and client interactions while also producing/managing our film productions and co-directing our shoots. 


Beyond Arbuckle, I have spoken at national conferences, marketing organizations, film festivals and design schools in an attempt to help others adopt the power of storytelling to share and explore their design, brand or company's stories. I’ve even gone as far as infecting the minds of tomorrow by teaching courses at Pratt Institute and the University of Minnesota to further spread the gospel of dynamic spatial storytelling. 


Today, I’m a Portland, OR based creative generalist continuing to produce and help Arbuckle expand on the West Coast while I grow my own list of creative collaborations. I'm in the hunt for great opportunities to expand my skills further into truly immersive, non-linear environmental and retail storytelling experiences. When I’m not at the desk you can find me out and about meeting for coffee with some of the amazingly talented creative industry folks, on freelance shoots around the state or participating in one of many professional organizations. And of course, between all this you’ll find me out hiking and exploring our amazing home of the Pacific Northwest with my wife and son. 


Please feel free to get in touch below or follow me on your preferred social platform. I’m always looking to hear other’s amazing personal stories and the great work you’ve been creating!


  • Client Services - all communication and CRM
  • Account Management - start to finish coordination
  • Project Management - scope, production, post, distribution, and internal and external teams
  • Video Producer - $5-$100k+ productions
  • Business Development - $350k+ annual revenue
  • Marketing Management - email campaigns, social, etc.
  • Conceptual - pitches, storyboarding and scripting
  • Proposals - writing, graphics and presentations
  • SOW - scope development and agreements
  • Budget - fast-paced nimble productions, to dozen-cam shoots
  • Production - directing, camera op, interviewing, lighting, etc.
  • Public Speaking - design, marketing and film conferences and events
  • Teaching - college level adjunct professor
  • Volunteerism - professional creative, marketing and filmmaking orgs