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about IAN


I'm an architecturally trained, entrepreneurially seasoned B2B Creative Director. My passion resides in seeing concepts come to life on time and on budget while continuing to track, analyze and adapt each across the brand system’s multitude of touch points. My strengths lie in the ability to balance the creative and pragmatic demands of each creative endeavor while managing the client or internal stakeholders’ relationships and the designers' aspirations throughout. I find great satisfaction and ease transiting from being in front of clients or C-Suite executives, to intimately developing junior level, team members. I love working with strong designers, storytellers, copywriters, animators, etc. in a well developed creative workflow within content-rich companies that deeply value a strong brand throughout the organization.


My Path

My career arch has taken me from studying design at the University of Cincinnati’s renowned DAAP school, to architecture firms in San Francisco, to starting and growing a video production agency post economic crash in New York City, to managing a design studio inside of an 1,100 person tech company in Portland, OR. As for extracurriculars, I have spoken at national conferences, marketing organizations, film festivals and design schools while also teaching courses at Portland State University, Pratt Institute and the University of Minnesota. I'm looking forward to continuing my career path either in-house or in an agency while working with passionate, innovative and creative professionals.


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  • Creative Direction - graphics, motion, video teams

  • Project Management - scope, budgeting, production and delivery

  • Creative Team Management - personal attention to each report

  • Branding - strategy, implementation & management

  • Concept Development - pitches, storyboarding & scripting

  • Budgeting - development, tracking & KPIs

  • SOW - scope development & contracts

  • Video Producer - directing, interviewing, lighting, sound, etc.

  • Business Management - BIS and ERP implementation for 65 staff

  • Client/Account Services - top level brands and high profile private clients

  • Teaching - college level professor






B2B SaaS Marketing Strategies

Lead Generation and Tracking

Branding and Brand System Management


Creative Team Management

Scope, contracts & agreements

accounting & billings



CINEMATOGRAPHY / photography

Graphic and Motion Design

Script Writing and Storyboarding


pitches & proposals










I can’t speak highly enough of [Ian’s] talent and professionalism. When we came to them with an extremely important, extremely rushed project, they exceeded our expectations at every opportunity. The final video blew us away, and the process to get there was made as smooth as possible... The entire experience was a delight, and we look forward to another chance to work with [Ian] in the future.
— Lauren Hlavenka D'Urso, Director of Marketing at Gensler

creative and thoughtful, very organized, responsive to the client’s needs, and produce beautiful work.
— Kate Lindquist, former Director of Communications & Marketing Friends of the High Line
Ian and his crew are great partners for video projects... They always add value and are quick to accommodate, whatever the circumstances—from creative thinking when budgets are tight to meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing our final product. And being super nice guys to work with is a real plus, too!
— Lynn McClouchic, Senior Director, Marketing and Research at CBRE

[Ian] produces exceptional work in every sense. Their professionalism shows—from their understanding of the vision, their work on-location, and the finished product. They’re simply awesome to work with.
— Kathryn Fink, Community Outreach Manager at Etsy

[Ian] not only produced amazing work for our magazines but continually investigates how we can improve our overall production and promotion strategy.
— Kaitlyn Rossi, former Video Production Manager at Hanley Wood
Ian and his team have impressed us repeatedly with much higher standards and numerous improvements that we never anticipated. They are professional, super reliable and always looking ways to improve what we do together. At this point we consider them worth every penny and more.
— Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Founder of Apartment Therapy

Ian... bring[s] to the table a clear creative vision, but [is] extremely flexible and responsive to input, allowing for a highly collaborative environment.
— Emma Haberman, former Development Manager AIA NY Center for Architecture



Client: Sennheiser

Role: Account/Producer

Shoot: One Day with Four Crew


Client: Dagne Dover

Role: DP/Gimbal & Camera Operator

Shoot: One Half Day with Four Crew

Client: Sennheiser

Role: Account/Producer/Director

Shoot: One Day Shoot at CES Booth split between Half Day with Two Crew for Cinematography, and Half Day with Four Crew for Testimonial Interviews


Client: Guild

Role: Account/Producer/Director/DP

Shoot: Three Half Days for all Cinematography and Voice Over Interviews with Two Crew

Employer: DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo

Role: Concept through Delivery

Purpose: YouTube Channel Promotion (Helped Double Subscribers in a Year)

Shoot: Multiple Shoots With No Crew Besides Myself                                                                                                                                                  

Client: Wayfair

Role: Account/Producer/DP

Shoot: One Day with Five Crew                                                                                                                                                   


Client: Ruben Companies

Role: Account/Producer/Director/DP

Shoot: Half Day for Interviews with Three Crew, Multiple Half Days for all B-Roll Cinematography

Client: September 11 Museum and Memorial

Role: Account/Producer/Director/Cam Op

Shoot: One Day for Interview and all Cinematography with Three Crew




pdx in motion

Portland State University - Professor and Curriculum (2018)


Pratt Institute - Professor and Curriculum (2016)


University of Minnesota - Professor and Curriculum (2015)






This is my Instagram feed showcasing amazing people, inspiring projects, daily moments and of course adventures with my family across Oregon and the Cascadia Region. Probably heavy on the latter, but who can deny rubbing in to family back in Ohio?! 




I'd love to talk further about my work, passions, services or story along with hearing from you about your own, so please reach out to me here or on your preferred social platform below!