Client: Sennheiser

Role: Account/Producer

Shoot: One Day with Four Crew


Client: Dagne Dover

Role: DP/Gimbal & Camera Operator

Shoot: One Half Day with Four Crew

Client: Sennheiser

Role: Account/Producer/Director

Shoot: One Day Shoot at CES Booth split between Half Day with Two Crew for Cinematography, and Half Day with Four Crew for Testimonial Interviews


Client: Guild

Role: Account/Producer/Director/DP

Shoot: Three Half Days for all Cinematography and Voice Over Interviews with Two Crew

Client: Wayfair

Role: Account/Producer/DP

Shoot: One Day with Five Crew                                                                                                                                                   

Client: Architect Magazine

Role: Account/Producer/Director/DP

Shoot: One Day with Three Crew                                                                                                                                              


Client: Ruben Companies

Role: Account/Producer/Director/DP

Shoot: Half Day for Interviews with Three Crew, Multiple Half Days for all B-Roll Cinematography

Client: September 11 Museum and Memorial

Role: Account/Producer/Director/Cam Op

Shoot: One Day for Interview and all Cinematography with Three Crew

Client: Arbuckle Industries

Role: Producer/Director

Shoot: Three Months with Two/Three Crew